Youth Academy Department

Sport Lisboa e Benfica has known to be attentive to the signs of time, looking to act and collaborate, at all levels, in an active and serious way for the progress of Football.

It is essential to have a stable administrative structure, endowed with the human, technical and financial resources necessary to enhance and implement courses and training activities of sports cadres, in an integrated perspective and with precise objectives.

“In order to preserve football, we have to search and find renewed ways that allow the enhancing of structures, concepts and abilities, without overturning its heritage.”

Among the various factors of sports development, the training of cadres, namely athletes, managers, officials, section managers, physicians, nurses, masseurs, psychologists, guardians (parents), other sporting agents and the public in general assumes special importance as the quality of sports practice depends, largely, on organizational and technical frameworks.

On the other hand, the known experiments lead to the indispensability of training cadres in a non-academic and specifically oriented way for those who already work on the field, in order to provide them the technical and scientific tools necessary to the qualitative improvement of sports practice.

Only with the constant elevation of dialogue new foundations and developmental stages can be built. In order to preserve football, we have to search and find renewed ways that allow the enhancing of structures, concepts and abilities, without overturning its heritage.

Youth Academy Department: Youth Cup Conference

Thus, the Sport Lisboa e Benfica Youth Academy has implemented a Permanent Training Department that responds to the sports agent’s current needs, with some clear objectives:

  • ›  1. To create a structure that streamlines the training of sports agents;
  • ›  2. To provide technical, logistic and human assistance capable of assuring the regular functioning of duly qualified courses organized by SL Benfica;
  • ›  3. To focus on the training of specialized agents for accompanying the activities of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, elevating the levels of knowledge and expertise of all those who, either in professional or volunteering programs, are involved in SL Benfica’s sports activities;
  • ›  4. To propose measures on training and sports practices regarding the integrated sports development;
  • ›  5. To engage in studies on sports economics, namely to assess the profitability of SLB Youth Academy’s structures;
  • ›  6. To propose contracts or protocols with other entities, aiming at conducting investigation activities or to support their development;
  • ›  7. To collaborate with other entities, public or private, national or international, through signing protocols, agreements or contract-programs in the field of Youth Training;
  • ›  8. To maintain and develop systems of cooperation with academic institutions in accordance with training instructors and technicians in the field of sports;
  • ›  9. To support projects and initiatives on scientific investigation in the subject of sports;
  • ›  10. To promote courses, colloquies, conferences, congresses and seminars with the aim of training officials, athletes and coaches, as well as to collaborate in organizing activities of the same nature promoted by other entities.

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