10 August 2022, 16h26

Benfica Celebrations


Benfica's U-19 team started its journey in the National Championship 2022/23 on Wednesday morning, August 10th, in a game from matchday 13(inverted) of the 1st phase, South Series, against Nacional. At the Campo n.º 1 do Benfica Campus, the eagles built, controlled and thrashed by 6-2. 

Before the start of the match, a minute's silence was held in memory of Fernando Chalana, ollowed by a tribute by the Benfica team to a historical and eternal name of the Club who left us on this date.

 Juniores Benfica

Next up is the match against Alverca, on matchday 3, at 5 pm on Saturday, August 20, at the Campo n.º 1 do Benfica Campus.

Juniores Benfica

Campo n.º 1 do Benfica Campus
Benfica Starting XI
André Moreira, Vladimir Mendes, João Fonseca, Mário Tudose, Júlio Gil, Rafael Luís, João Veloso, Ivan Lima, Kyanno Silva, João Rego and Gustavo Varela
Rodrigo Anjos, Leandro Santos, Henrique Sá, João Conceição, Francisco Machado, João Pereira, Alamara Djabi, Miguel Constantinescu and Jelani Trevisan

Nacional Starting XI

João Castanho, Francisco Freitas, João Serrão, Francisco Gonçalves, Nuno Pereira, Diogo Gomes, Guilherme Sardinha, Tiago Sousa, Martim Watts, Rodrigo Nóbrega and Guilherme Nunes
Carlos Santos, Rodrigo Correia, Tomás Silveira, Bernardo Pereira, Rodrigo Freitas, Pedro Nóbrega and Julian Tapias
At half-time 3-1
Benfica: Ivan Lima (25'), João Veloso (33'), Gustavo Varela (44'), Kyanno Silva (47' and 65') and João Rego (69'); Nacional: Martim Watts (4') and Pedro Nóbrega (85')

Text: Editorial Staff
Photos: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, August 11, 2022


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