Women's Handball

05 June 2022, 18h24


Portuguese Cup
Final score
HT: 20-14
Benfica 38
Colégio de Gaia 31

Benfica beat (38-31) Colégio de Gaia this Sunday, June 5, in the final of the women's handball Portuguese Cup, achieving the 5th double in its history, after winning a trophy last lifted 30 years ago. 

Benfica-Colégio Gaia

Benfica-Colégio Gaia
Pavilhão Municipal de Santo Tirso
Benfica starting lineup
Ana Maria Ursu, Viktoriya Borshchenko, Maria Unjanque, Nádia Rodrigues, Denise Fernandes, Mihaela Minciuna and Alina Molkova 
 Audília Carlos, Rita Campos, Rute Fernandes, Mariana Costa, Patrícia Rodrigues, Madalena Pereira, Adriana Lage, Débora Moreno and Odete Tavares 
Colégio Gaia starting lineup
Ana Catarina Ferreira, Ana Abreu, Maria Santos, Daniela Mendes, Helena Soares, Mariana Neves and Nair Pinho
Carolina Nogueira, Bebiana Sabino, Filipa Costa, Sofia Vieira, Patrícia Vieira, Catarina Silva, Rita Rodrigues, Sara Andrade and Ana Isabel
At half-time 20-14
Goal scorers
 Alina Molkova (9), Maria Unjanque (6), Viktoriya Borshchenko (5), Patrícia Rodrigues (5), Rute Fernandes (5), Rita Campos (3), Débora Moreno (3), Mihaela Minciuna (2)

Text: Rui Miguel Gomes
Photos: João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica
Last update: Monday, June 6, 2022


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