Women's football

10 August 2022, 22h08

Celebrations at Campo n.º 1 do Benfica Campus


Super Cup
HT: 0-0
Benfica 3
SC Braga 0
  54' Pauleta
60' Cloé Lacasse
82' Marta Cintra 

Benfica hosted and beat SC Braga, by 3-0, in the Women's football Super Cup semi-final. The final will take place on August 26, in Leiria, and the eagles will be there!


Before the initial whistle of Teresa Oliveira, a minute of silence, fulfilled in an impeccable way, in memory of Fernando Chalana.


Benfica-SC Braga
Benfica Campus (Campo n.º 1)
Benfica Starting XI
Katelin Talbert, Ana Seiça, Carole Costa, Daniela Silva, Pauleta, Andreia Faria (Marta Cintra, 68'),  Christy Ucheibe (Maria Negrão, 68'), Andreia Norton (Carlyn Baldwin, 83'), Valéria Cantuário (Lúcia Alves, 46'), Ana Vitória and Cloé Lacasse (Beatriz Nogueira, 83')
Rute Costa, Carlyn Baldwin (83'), Sílvia Rebelo, Inês Simas, Marta Cintra (68'), Maria Negrão (68'), Lúcia Alves (46'), Carolina Correia and Beatriz Nogueira (83')
SC Braga Starting XI
Patrícia Morais, Leah Lewis, Nicole Nunes (Leonor Freitas, 83'), Vanessa Marques, Vitória Almeida (Vital Kats, 64'), Catarina Pereira, Bia Meio-Metro, Beatriz Rodrigues (Laura Luís, 83'), Laura Casanovas (Caroline Kehrer, 63'), Ana Rute (Joline Amani, 64') and Marie Awona
Isabel Peixeiro, Laura Luís (83'), Caroline Kehrer (63'), Joline Amani (64'), Vital Kats (64'), Carolina Mendes, Ana Nogueira, Paula Fernandes and Leonor Freitas (83')
At half-time 0-0
Refereeing team
Referee: Teresa Oliveira; Assistants: Ana Loide and Patrícia Araújo; 4th official: Joana Rodrigues
Benfica: Pauleta (54'), Cloé Lacasse (60') and Marta Cintra (82')

Text: Sónia Antunes
Photos: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica
Last update: Thursday, August 11, 2022

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