Women's Roller hockey

03 July 2022, 16h21

Benfica with the cup


Portuguese Cup
Final result
HT: 1-2
Sporting 1
Benfica 3
  Inês Vieira 17'   Cata Flores 5'
Maria Sofia Silva 23'
Marlene Sousa 35'

What a tremendous season outcome for the women's roller hockey team of Benfica! In the Portuguese Cup Final, played this Sunday, July 3, the 9-time National Champions beat Sporting by 1-3 and celebrated their 8th brace in History. 

Equipa do Benfica

Pavilhão Municipal Leonel Fernandes
Benfica Starting V
Maria Vieira, Marlene Sousa, Cata Flores, Beatriz Figueiredo and Raquel Santos
Marta Benfeitas, Sofia Contreiras, Maca Ramos, Inês Severino and Maria Sofia Silva
Sporting Starting V
Cláudia Vicente, Inês Vieira, Ana Catarina Ferreira, Rita Lopes and Rute Lopes
Alice Vicente, Inês Açoreira, Inês Arrais, Rita Batista and Margarida Florêncio
Half-time 1-2
Benfica: Cata Flores (5'), Maria Sofia Silva (23') and Marlene Sousa (35'); Sporting: Inês Vieira (17')

Text: Rafaela Certã Alves
Photos: Cátia Luís / SL Benfica
Last update: Sunday, July 3, 2022

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